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Emeritus Addiction Studies is an organisation established to provide professional education, training and consultative services in the field of addiction prevention and treatment of substance use disorders.

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In the process of enabling thousands of working addiction and allied health practitioners in the field to continue learning and updating themselves, Emeritus Addiction Studies also implements university certification courses to satisfy the thirst of knowledge and enhance the skills of the addiction workforce.

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Emeritus Addiction Studies
July 2019 Issue

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Melaka, Malaysia.

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“When I came to treatment 16yrs ago /my only concern /much like everybody else was to get help for my substance use disorder. As I was nearing the end of my treatment/my greatest fear was /what do I do with my life? I was 44yrs old /no job /no finances/ no education/ broken relationships /a lot of baggage/ no clear path /no purpose /no future. It scared me as I did not want to leave the facility i
was so afraid. Hence, I volunteered as a counsellor in that facility. There I found my meaning, my passion for helping people with my disease recover. Eventually, I moved on and worked in several government and private facilities to further expand my counselling skills and experience. Eventually, I ended up with my private practice, doing outpatient counselling.

It was a time when counsellors were recovering addicts sharing their experiences. Either your background was the 12 Steps Approach or the Therapeutic Community approach depending on where you belong. It was not sufficient enough. I would always have that feeling that I was incomplete, I was so limited. I did not have a college degree I could not go back to school. But above all, somehow I felt I was not providing my clients with the best care possible. I remember I would always be asked by families what my background was and I would say something to sound convincing. I am qualified because I am a recovering addict who did drugs for 30 years and worked in a facility as a counsellor. I know how it feels. I know what it’s like. I have been there.

But my friends, unfortunately deep down inside I knew, passion and empathy were not enough. That is when my real journey with education started when I met Mr Bian Tay. With the assistance of Malyn, I trained with the Colombo Plan and accredited myself as an addictions professional and recovery coach. It was a start. Soon after Emeritus Addiction Studies was born and I joined Mr Tay in the programme at Namseoul University Korea to be a Certified Recovery Specialist (CRS). Soon after that the CRS programme, my dream was realized when Mr Tay partnering with Asian Metropolitan University came up with the postgraduate diploma and executive masters degree program in Addiction Studies. For the first time in my life, I was given the opportunity to pursue the equivalency of a college diploma and a masters degree while continuing to work and provide for my family. I am one of the pioneers along with my peers pursuing this path fulfilling our goals realizing our dreams.

In recovery, we live by cliches: just for today; a day at a time; and it works if you work it. In Emeritus Addiction Studies, there is only one cliche Education Transforms Lives. Ladies and Gentlemen, it has transformed my life. It has given me the opportunity to work with the best of the best. It has helped me be the best that I can be. More importantly, the greatest gift I received from this experience is that it has given me the knowledge and skills along with my passion and empathy to provide the best care possible for my clients.

Thank you, Mr Tay and Emeritus Addiction Studies, thank you Asian Metropolitan University. Thank you to my colleagues and peers for transforming my life. For bringing out the best in me. Thank you.”

Mr. Gaye Avancena


I am Kanti Khatiwada, Nepali National, currently completing my Master degree in Addiction Rehabilitation Counseling at Namseoul University, Korea.

The 4 days program on the “Art of Motivational Interviewing” made possible by Emeritus Addiction Studies and Asia Metropolitan University, is indeed a very fruitful training initiative which helped the participants to enhance our knowledge on a systematic perspective of motivational interviewing and other motivational enhancement strategies. Dr. Igor Koutsenok’s brilliant lecture, video example, involvement of participants in group discussion, role plays and group presentations helped us practically learn different clinical skills to implement new strategies in helping people resolve their ambivalence, expressing empathy and avoiding argument, developing discrepancy, rolling with resistance, and supporting self-efficacy. After the the training, I felt inspired and enlightened that now equipped with the latest skills, I can hone my skills to help clients in expressing and understanding their needs; engage them in the treatment process and structured treatment sessions, select appropriate interventions and help them to find motivation focusing on a sustainable behavioral change.

I fully recommend addiction specialists in rehabilitation centres to be part of Emeritus initiatives.

Lastly, My special thanks to my professors Dr. Kim EunSil and Mr. Tay Bian How.

Kanti Khatiwada

Nepali National

“Personal and professional growth depends on the awareness of an individual, knowing what needs to be improved and willingness to unlearn what does not work. Being in the Addiction field for more than 10yrs, I have been practicing what I learned as far as counseling and psychotherapy is concerned.

The training on MI opened my mind and made me reassess how I was with my own clients. The way Dr. Igor facilitated gave more insights on what I should be improving on and which approaches I still need to change. Words and the intonation do matter in applying MI. The skill of identifying the “gold nugget” is an area wherein I will be focusing more.

This will definitely enhance my counseling and psychotherapy skills.

Aimee Rose Manda


“I am Suhaika Shereen from Malaysia and have attended two training initiatives organized by Emeritus Addiction Studies. By far both the trainings were the best trainings I’ve ever attended! The skills I’ve learned isn’t only for work but can also be applied to my everyday dealings. Love it!!

I fully recommend Emeritus courses to anyone who aspires to be a specialist in the field”

Suhaika Shereen


Emeritus Addiction Studies partners world class universities and professional organisations in implementing executive post graduate diploma and master degree courses in addiction studies.

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