International Certified Addiction Recovery Specialist (ICARS)

International Certified Addiction Recovery Specialist (ICARS)

  • The ICARS sets the professional standard of competency for those providing
    recovery support services to clients relating to substance use disorders.
  • 80 Continuing Education Hours conducted by university professors as well as Master Trainers
  • Potential 3 credits course, transferable to the EPGDAS/EMAS
  • Sessions include understanding addiction, mechanism of addiction in the brain,
    roles and responsibilities of Recovery Specialists, ethics, case management, crisis
    support, stigma, recovery enhancement skills, motivation to change and recovery



  • Individuals in the helping field who deal with persons with substance use disorders
  • Individuals working in the field of addiction but wish to enhance their knowledge and skills by gaining a professional qualification
  • Psychologists, health nurses, counselors, managers and administrative staff of
    treatment centres, social workers, recovery coaches, peer educators, school
    teachers, youth leaders, volunteers and staff in the addiction related field and civil

Emeritus Addiction Studies partners world class universities and professional organisations in implementing executive post graduate diploma and master degree courses in addiction studies.

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