Professional Recovery Specialist Internship Program

Emeritus Addiction Studies in collaboration with established and selected rehabilitation organizations in the region will offer professional internship program for individuals who are interested to work in the addiction recovery field to be trained as Recovery Specialists.

The internship program will have the following benefits:

1. Asia Metropolitan University international certification training and credits transferable to executive post graduate programs.

2. Duration of 4 months, as an Recovery Specialist Intern with a host organization. On the job training as an Recovery Specialist in an approved recognized rehab centre in the region.

3. Graduate with ICARS (International Certified Addiction Recovery Specialist) and ICLSS (International Certified Life Skills Specialist), basic qualifications appropriate for a Recovery Specialist. Interns are also able to pursue their educational pathway right to an

Executive Master Degree program.

4. Opportunities to be hired by host organization as well as other related organizations after the internship.

5. Opportunities to network with other Addiction Professionals in the region.



Who Can Apply?

1. Persons in recovery who have completed primary treatment and continuing care phase. 2. Individuals with lived experience who are interested to work as Recovery Specialists Interested individuals are invited to contact

Emeritus Addiction Studies partners world class universities and professional organisations in implementing executive post graduate diploma and master degree courses in addiction studies.

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